Center Your Health.

Hara • \HAR•ah\ • noun

1 : The internal center of gravity of the human body, usually located four centimeters below the navel.
2 : The lower of the three dantian in Traditional Chinese medicine, a name for the "center of being." It is here where vital forces reside, and it is also from this point where deep breathing must be originated.  Traditionally this was thought to be the location of the spirit/mind/source of CHI [QI].
3 : A Greek word and name meaning joy

Hara Health Care formed in 2010 in order to bring innovative healing modalities that have consistent results to rising ailments.  Fusing together ancient practices with new techniques, Hara Health Care pushes through the old limitations of natural and alternative medicine.  In order to accomplish this, our practitioners rethink each patient’s needs and develops personalized treatments to bring them optimal health at an affordable price point.

Mindful Living and its Relation to Your Wellbeing:

A body that lives on a daily basis with chronic pain or lacks nourishment will find it difficult to create an environment of wellbeing.  We believe that there are four major and common “Life Stressors” that bring our body disharmony: Diet, Emotional Stress, Environmental Toxins, and Physical Ailments.  Each of these pillars of health affects one another, and their interconnected stability determines our overall wellness.  When they are out of balance, we are not giving ourselves the opportunity to live a life full of vitality and abundance.  The majority of our culture has lost focus on the importance of creating a healing environment for the body and mind.  Our bustling and hectic lifestyles tend to cause stress both mentally and physically.  Our goal is to inform and educate each client with individual specificity, provide effective healing services, and raise dietary awareness.  Through mindful living and a well-structured treatment plan, Hara Health Care guides you back into balance so you can live optimally and abundantly.